There is never a dull moment with activities that fill our afternoons with fun and bring together fans and artists alike. Past activities have included artist autograph signings, margarita making contests, beach volleyball, and more. Some of your 2017 activities have been announced - check out what we have in store and stay tuned for even more! 

Join in on these poolside antics and win some fantastic prizes provided by Positive Legacy - match the songs you hear to names on your BINGO card to WIN! All proceeds benefit Positive Legacy - games are $20 USD for a set of two.
Join guitarist Trevor Young & guitar tech Antonio Barbosa (SOJA) as they discuss what to look for when buying a guitar. Plus, join in this Q&A for questions about tuning, amp settings, stringing, and troubleshooting.
Who will reign supreme of the baddest bball tournament south of the border?! This is not for the faint of foot - your game must be strong! You won't want to miss this battle royale, whether you hang courtside or brave the challenge.
Many margaritas will be served, my friend! Such a plethora will make you mad! Come join members of SOJA for the madness and get your margarita groove on.
Get closer to the fine musicians that make it all possible and grab some autographs for your new Closer to the Sun wall art.